who we Are

IN2B brings together management skills of a multidisciplinary team with distinguished careers in national and international business’s context.

The goals of our clients are ours: sharing knowledge, knowledge networks and globalize ideas, services and products.

The teams of our clients are ours because they are aligned to a common purpose, we’ve drawn together: the consolidated growth on well-defined objectives and strategies.

We value your resources to help you to enhance your life.

what we Believe

We believe in the power of knowledge networks and networks of people sharing knowledge.

People and know-how are the key to growing organizations and also the subject of our work.

For us there are no zero-sum relations since 1+1 = 11 and so, we look for maximizing resources, individual and collective capacities.

We believe in technical and technological expertise as well in solid knowledge of our staff but also in their skills as trainers for entrepreneurs and teams.

To make all of us more efficient and effective.

what we Care

For your ideia

For your business

For your goals

For your team

For your life

what we Do

We optimize ideas and business systems through:

• Procurement, promotion and international brokering of ideas, products and services;

• Defining and implementing a policy for valuation of intellectual property;

• Defining and implementing training systems for high performance teams;

• Defining and implementing of performance appraisal systems;

• Defining of personal, professionals and business profiles;

• Defining and implementing of crisis management systems.

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